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Regular Events

Nithya pooja with four types of Harathis viz., 1.Kakada Harathi, 2.Madhyanna Harathi, 3. Sandhya Harathi, 4. Sage Harathi has been performing since the date of Ashram was established. Vijayadasami, Ugadi, Sri Rama Navami, Datta Jayanthi has been performing as one day spiritual Celebrations. On the eve of all these days, “Anna Samaradhana” has been doing with lot of Spiritual Interest.

Shashwatha Nidhi has established with 4 Lakh 40 thousand so far, Interest on this fund proposed to be spent for Ashramam Activities.

We hope this fund will be raised to the most extent with the help of Sai Devotees. All Devotees will be blessed by the Lord Sai baba.


Since the day one when the Ashramam established, Sriman Chakravarthula Lakshmi Dhanvanthari has been performing day to day Archana, Aradhana, Harathi as per the Traditional Systems and customs of Vaikhanasa Agama Sasthra as performed in Shirdi Sai Samsthan, Shirdi. He has been educating and habituating the children and the devotees attending the Ashram regularly, in praising the Lord by Vishnu Sahasranamam, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Bhagavadgeeta and also has been conducting Krishnashtami Festival in a systematic & fantastic manner.


Sri.Mohammad Nagoor Basha, S/o.Late Sri.Mohammad Sardar (Baba) was appointed as Chairman of the Board as per the Bye-law of the Trust Deed, after the demise of the Founder Chairman Sri. Mohammad Sardar (Baba). Present Chairman is very active, dynamic and energetic devotional young volunteer of Baba .


Sri. Velivela Venkata Lakshmi Naga Raju, who was one of the Volunteer and has been serving since 1996 under the guidance of Sri. Mohmmad Sardar(Baba), at the age 18 years. He has been sailing all the way of routine activities and was assisting Baba in the development of Ashramam. Since the day one, the trust board formed, he has been acting as Secretary of the said Ashramam, with the help and encouragement from all the Trust Board Members, Devotees, Donors and the Village Elders, friends and relatives, and playing an active and dynamic role with lot of love and devotion towards Baba.